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FEBRUARY'S  FOOD DISTRIBUTION                    will be from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon, February 25th  

at our Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry, newly relocated to         

204A George Bishop Parkway, Myrtle Beach, SC

                          Please call 843-448-1352 

A Heart for Missions

Dear Friend,

                     This month, I’d like to share a letter that we’ve received:

“ Dear Coastal Rescue Mission-

I am sending you this small gift in obedience to God.…I hope this summary helps someone long beyond the small monetary value of the gift.

I was vacationing in Myrtle Beach with my family…preparing to leave the area, and stopped at a gift shop … Soon after I stopped, a homeless white gentleman, haggard-looking, came near the car on my side and approached me for help in the form of money. The man did not reek of alcohol, but seems as though he had been caught in that addiction at some point. His lip was bruised, as if he had been in a fight recently. With our 5 and 2-year old in the car, my wife expressed concern for our safety, so I locked the doors and refused the man’s request, not opening the car until he had left the area. As a Christian, my first inclination is to give in those situations, but in this case, I only thought of my safety and protecting my family, as if God would not protect us as he always does.

Long story short, ever since that incident, God has …brought it back to my memory, telling me that I need to send a donation back to your area citing ALL the ways he has kept and protected my family. Not that it would ever find it’s way back to that man...but that there are thousands like him who would benefit from the help. Even now, as I find myself in the midst of a financial crisis that would threaten my own families' living:  I must be obedient to God and sent this $20 to your organization. The amount won’t feed all the people you help, nor is it a way for “me” to make a deal with God (“give $20 here and I‘ll save your house & family”) or is it way to release a “curse”. The act is merely being obedient to God and acknowledgement that in the midst of any situation, whether my own or that man’s that I met, that we MUST be obedient to God, and the Lord Jesus WILL come through.

Please pass that message on to someone you help today.

A Believing Friend in Charlotte, NC “ 


We have recently had quite a few returned mailings and (1), are concerned, as we prepare to mail 2016 Tax Receipts, that they may not reach all our donors. (2) Are presently unable to make this month’s lease payment

1. Please click this link to our Contact Page and send us your name and current address so that we may update our database...even if you are unable at this time, to make a donation .

2. Please Help the Needy who depend on us all, by making a Special Donation.

Friends, without you we can do very little! As a non-profit, we depend on YOU…with A Heart for Missions: individuals, churches and area businesses such as yours, for your donated Time, Talent and Treasure. 

We welcome everything you have to offer, and heartily thank you !!!!

Gwen Woody, CEO  

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